Miratech’s Managed Competence Center® Helps FINCA Focus on Core Business

FINCA International is a U.S.-based not-for-profit organization that provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living. Serving more than one million clients through 22 subsidiaries on five continents, FINCA is considered a global leader in the microfinance industry. An important aspect of its global strategy is to give preference to local resources when making staffing decisions. 
In the Eurasian market, FINCA was specifically interested in identifying IT professionals with expertise in database and systems administration, reporting software development, and core systems support. Because outsourcing wasn’t an acceptable option for the organization, FINCA was open to other options that could be employed to manage and control its engineering resources.
Miratech suggested its Managed Competence Centers® (MCC) service, which combines the advantages of outsourcing with the benefits of staff management. MCC enables needed transformation, taking into account each customer’s size, geography, IT landscape, culture, business domain, and more. With the highest level of efficiency, Miratech sets up the right governance framework for customer service deployment, delivery, and acceptance. This solution allowed FINCA to maintain cost-effectiveness while managing IT resources, without having to permanently fill staffing positions.
Value to Client
With Miratech’s MCC service, FINCA got the right set of services with little risk, and the ability to successfully respond to today’s IT challenges. Due to Miratech, FINCA now incorporates budget and cost analyses into models so users can follow contracts and projects better, especially from an engineering perspective, to see where money is spent. FINCA has expressed a 100% satisfaction rate with the MCC methodology.