Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a set of strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, and deliver content and documents related to enterprise managerial and operational procedures.
ECM-based solutions allow businesses to:
  • Meet the challenges of document storage in geographically distributed offices
  • Rapidly access information, and allow multiple users to access a document simultaneously
  • Reduce the risk of document loss
  • Reduce the risk of confidential information disclosure
Miratech offers the following ECM services:
  • Application development, integration, and deployment
  • Application configuration and modification based on customer requirements
  • Integration services
  • Training
  • Maintenance
Miratech’s solutions allow customers to:
  • Store documents in a logically structured, simple archive with unlimited capacity
  • Reduce retrieval time, and accelerate document sorting and distribution
  • Monitor a large array of data regardless of data format
  • Ensure a high level of data confidentiality, and easily control access for authorized users
  • Recover data after a crash
  • Integrate data from any corporate source