Project Rescue™

From Distress to Success

Nearly 68% of enterprise software development projects fail to meet their initial budget and/or schedule. Many companies find themselves in a situation where they have not met their R&D or product development objectives, and there is not clear way forward. Often the problems are that deadlines have been missed, budgets overrun, usually resulting in a loss of confidence.

Project Rescue™ began as a specialized service for companies who were unable to deliver on their promise, we took these projects from great distress to success in less time than they lingered in house.

Your Vision... Our Relentless Performance

Miratech delivers relentless performance through our unique culture and values, proven processes and methodologies, and unsurpassed engineering talent pool. With three decades of continuous investment into engagement models we are able to assure an unprecedented success rate.

As a result, your vision and great design can be executed with precision and speed. This is achieved through unprecedented levels of predictability, transparency, visibility, and accountability.

In addition, Miratech delivers productivity that is 20%-35% (depending on project size and complexity) higher than other industry providers (according to ISBSG Industry Data).

Project Rescue™ from Miratech allows companies to focus on what they do best, to create, envision and market their products effectively, as we execute on successfully bringing their technology to market, always on time and on budget.

Achieve Your Goals

If your R&D or product development initiatives are not meeting deadlines and key business requirements, with Project Rescue Miratech can:

  • Rapidly assess your situation

  • Develop a near-term turn-around plan to achieve your immediate goals

  • Successfully get you back on track

Give us call today to see if Project Rescue™ can liberate your vision.