The work of public authorities, national and state governments, departmental structures, and ministries is distinguished not only by business-specific processes and workflows, but also often by a lack of resources, clear timeframes for IT projects, and the need to fully justify all investments. For these organizations, our technical expertise provides exceptional value. IT solutions and support help clients to optimize existing resources, and support future infrastructure.

Miratech’s engagement with governmental bodies delivers solutions that help these entities organize day-to-day tasks, and meet ever-changing legal and regulatory demands. Miratech offers the following specialized services and solutions:

  • Development of IT roadmaps for state authorities
  • Development of strategic management systems based on key performance indicators
  • Development of concepts and information security policies
  • Design, development, and implementation of automated information systems
  • Development of interagency reciprocity systems
  • Development of portals for public authorities
  • Data center, computation, and telecommunications center development
  • Development and implementation of systems for data collection, accounting, and acquisition of national and territorial resources
  • Development and implementation of systems for document and business process management
  • Development and implementation of automatic data analysis systems to test applicants
  • Development of mobile and web self-service solutions

Through years of cooperation with governmental bodies, Miratech has successfully completed consulting and development projects for IT infrastructure and workflow automation systems.