R&D4Equity is a unique service Miratech offers that allows companies to focus on their core expertise - product design, sales and marketing - and partner with a world leading technology firm that will execute your vision, supporting the design, planning and development of your product or service.
R&D4Equity allows organizations to conserve cash as they benefit from a higher level of expertise, proven processes, deep resources, and a record of successful performance.
Miratech fosters start-up success by delivering R&D excellence, and investing engineering services for equity/cash.

Why Miratech?

Startup Success = 2% Vision + 98% Execution

Serving as a dedicated R&D organization, Miratech allows startup leaders to concentrate on what they do best, business development, marketing and product design, thereby dramatically increasing the success rate. 
Success is achieved when projects are managed through proven processes. That is why start-ups rely on Miratech's Managed Competence Center™ (MCC) Delivery Model. The MCC is the framework that provides the shared vision, governance models, and reporting metrics that keep projects on track and defect free.

Equity Partners in Success

Miratech’s global partner network can amplify business potential by connecting with experienced professionals across a variety of business domains, including M&A, advertising, branding, intellectual property, intellectual property, legal, business management, business development, engineering, fund-raising, business planning, and financial management.

  • Seed investment. Miratech develops your MVP or prototype, and our investment partners will help with presentations and packaging, legal services, trademark registration and introduce angel investors for seed funding from $50k-$200k USD in funding.
  • Series A investment. Miratech develops your technology and product, and our investment partners will help refine business and marketing plans, and introduce private investors and venture funds from $1M-$2M USD in funding
  • Series B investment.  We assure best-in-class production and product support, and our investment partners will help refine your business model, financial management and introduce private investors and venture funds from $5M-$10M USD in funding