The goals of mobile operators are to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing ones by providing them with quality products and maintaining a consistently high service level. These goals can be met through proactively extending attractive business offers, searching for new, topical products and niches, searching for new versions of existing products, effectively introducing new products, and reducing costs through business process automation.

Miratech’s solutions are designed to assist in meeting these goals by providing telecommunication companies comprehensive, secure, robust technology systems.

Through years of cooperation with telecommunication companies, Miratech has implemented dozens of integration solutions that encompass the entire range of enterprise technology solutions. These solutions meet both existing and anticipated market demands. Miratech’s solutions for mobile operators include:

  • Contact center development
  • Implementation, tuning, and testing of individual contact center components
  • Integration of contact center systems with other company software systems
  • IT management system optimization
  • IT service support and maintenance
  • Centralized system monitoring concept development and IT infrastructure management
  • Business application implementation and integration
  • Data warehousing development and maintenance
  • IT area technical policy development
  • Implementation of management centers for business process availability
  • Implementation of centers for project and portfolio management
  • IT department QA process organization
  • IT outstaffing and offshore development services

Miratech has worked within the mobile communications industry since 2004. During this time, we have offered a wide range of solutions related to this sector, and have implemented a variety of contact centers.