Turn-key IT™

Operational IT Innovation

Many organizations rely on IT as an essential enabler for running your operations efficiently and effectively. The challenges in maintaining a high performing IT organization include strategic vision, as well as tactical execution such as engineering, infrastructure, and end-user services. Together these represent substantial investment into the talent, process, license, and more.

Miratech provides a unique alternative... a complete turn-key solution to support organizational IT operations from the CIO on down to the helpdesk. Improving the enterprises proficiencies and infrastructure by bringing our unique Managed Competence Center™ methodology into your organization. This process creates more accountability and transparency, enabling our clients to use technology as a strategic business advantage.

Unprecedented Speed and Value

Serving as your IT department we provide and manage all of your enterprise IT resources, assuring best-in-class efficiency for your industry. We will commit to defined, binding performance metrics.

We bring new knowledge and agility into your operations. This provides for even greater opportunities for growth and optimization as we reduce risks. Business is constantly changing and our turn-key solutions provided the flexibility you need to optimize your investment in strategic IT resources.

We provide a complete set of expertise, including:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Enterprise IT Security Planning and Implementation
  • IT Service Catalogue Design
  • IT Procurement and Contract Management
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise IT Transformation
  • Software Application Services

If you are implementing a new IT strategy, or adding new technology services, or are challenged to manage the effectiveness of your current IT organization to achieve your business goals. Even if your team is simply unable to achieve an IT infrastructure cost that matches your business model, Miratech can assume full control of your enterprise IT organization to create and meet your objectives and goals.

R&D Organization Innovation

Technology R&D can be one of the most difficult processes to manage through to successful implementation. Your great design, or vision, still needs to be executed with precision and speed.

Nearly 68% of enterprise software engineering projects fail to meet their initial budget and/or schedule.

Miratech brings mature delivery methodologies, discipline and relentless execution to ensure your vision is achieved. With continuous investment into delivery capabilities and software quality assurance during the last 27 years, and employing the best project management and engineering talents, Miratech assures a best-in-class project success rate.

Miratech delivers productivity that is 25%-35% higher than other industry providers (according to ISBSG Industry Data).

Focus On What You Do Best

Today, Miratech allows companies to focus on what they do best, to create, envision and market their products effectively, as we execute on successfully bringing their technology to market.

The Miratech Live Dashboard provides complete real-time visibility into your project’s current and future status, thanks to our use of hundreds of historical project metrics, and advanced forecast methodology. We bring you unprecedented levels of predictability, transparency, visibility, and accountability.

If you are facing the challenge of managing the inherent complexity and risk of R&D or product development, with Turn-Key IT™ you can transfer full control to Miratech, and be confident of achieving your goals on-time and within budget.